Free Download for Photoshop Lightroom 5

We’re massive fans of Adobe Lightroom, or as it is increasingly being referred to “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom”—we’ll just call it LightRoom (or LR).

For those who’ve never heard of LightRoom, it’s the digital equivalent of the dark-room… and allows image-makers to quickly make very powerful edits to images without having to fire-up (or invest in!!) the almighty Photoshop. Basic image edits such as curves or levels adjustments, tonality, color-grading etc can be done very easily and completely non-destructively. It is very economically priced and Adobe also has excellent student+academic pricing making it a must-have for any enthusiast or professional.

But here’s the awesome-sauce for the day, for a limited time only, Adobe is giving away this product totes free!
Yup, you heard it right. You can have the product and not pay for it. What’s the catch? It’s a public beta—which means it’s not the finished product but you can check it out and buy the real thing when it is finally released.

Some of the gee-whiz new features are:

[box_light]Advanced Healing Brush: Enhancements to the Spot Removal tool allow you to heal or clone using brush strokes. A new “Visualize Spots” tool highlights sensor dust spots for easy removal.
[/box_light] [box_light]Radial Filter: Apply any of Lightroom’s local adjustment attributes to a circular mask. The area of the mask can be resized, feathered or even inverted to give you maximum control over the focus of your images.[/box_light] [box_light]Upright: Automatically level horizons, straighten buildings, and correct other askew lines.[/box_light] [box_light]Smart Preview: Lightroom allows you to edit offline images by storing a smaller version of the original image, called a smart preview. Edits made to the smart preview will automatically apply to the original once reconnected to Lightroom.[/box_light]

Download the free Lightroom 5 beta here. To learn about more technical updates to this release, visit the Lightroom Journal blog.

Here’s a few video demos of the new features available in the FREE download of LightRoom 5.
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