Adobe Ambassador and International Photoshop Guru Mark Galer presents a ‘Lightroom Info Extravaganza’, designed to help you maximize your visual creativity and increase your workflow efficiency.

Booking Information:

Date                     Monday 03rd June 2013
Time                     9.30am ‐ 5.00pm
Location              Pixel Perfect Prolab,  90 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008

Getting to Pixel Perfect and X88 Gallery:
Seats                    Strictly Limited
Phone                  02 – 9319 0455


Session 1
Mark will demonstrate the essential techniques for optimizing and enhancing RAW files in the Develop module of Lightroom, showing how seemingly ordinary snaps can be transformed to become extraordinary photographs using either classic or contemporary colour-grading treatments. Mark will show you how you can build a library of customized presets in Lightroom so that you can automate your workflow and set about creating a personal signature style that is easy to roll out on single or multiple images in just seconds.

Session 2
Effective catalog management is the key to running an efficient photographic workflow – from capture through to print, publication and distribution. Mark will show you how he sets up and manages his Lightroom catalogs so that he never loses a file and how he can quickly locate archived images. Mark will also demonstrate how Lightroom is designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the Photoshop family of Apps, thereby avoiding Metadata conflicts and increasing productivity.

Session 3
In this session, Mark looks at how Lightroom can become an effective and indispensable tool to help you feed the ‘Social Media Monster’, helping you to attract new followers and potential customers. Mark will show you how to create easy-to-use drag-and-drop publishing shortcuts to both connect and separate your social publishing streams.

Q & A Session
No stone is left unturned and no question left unanswered. Mark provides answers to all of your questions and provides advice on where to go next to get additional support and guidance so that your post-production skills can go from strength to strength.

Mark Galer is a photographer, Adobe and Sony Alpha Ambassador in Australia, Senior Lecturer at RMIT University, author of 43 books and regular contributor to Australian Photography Magazine.

Booking Information: