Do you want to master the craft of photography? If you are looking for expert guidance to fast-track your creative journey then consider booking a one-on-one training session with Mark Galer.

Mark can teach you how to capture images with confidence and complete control or teach you how to express your creative vision through fast and efficient post-production techniques. Mark can also help you to establish a secure and effective imaging workflow to ensure you never lose an image ever again.

Mark Galer Training

Mark Galer is available for either half-day or full-day one-on-one personal training.

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Essential Skills Training

The skills that can be covered in these sessions are:

  • Camera Craft.
  • Best Practice for Portrait, Landscape, Street and Action/Wildlife Photography.
  • Lighting on Location.
  • Lightroom Basic or Advanced Editing techniques.
  • Lightroom Image Management Workflows.
  • Photoshop Basic or Advanced Workflows.

Mark can build a custom-made educational learning experience to meet your individual needs and skill levels.

Mark’s training is based in Port Melbourne, Australia but he is prepared to travel if this more convenient. Port Melbourne, a scenic and historic location by the bay, is just 4 Kms from Melbourne City Centre and offers plenty of excellent Cafes and Restaurants if you are intending to extend your stay.



  • Half-Day Port Melbourne: AUD $900.00 for a half-day training session
  • Full-Day Port Melbourne: AUD $1,750.00 for a full day one-on-one training in Port Melbourne.
  • Full Day Interstate: AUD $2,500 + flights, transfers to and from the airport and one night accomodation cost.

Note > Payment can be made by bank transfer (please request bank transfer details when booking the session) prior to the training day. If you prefer to pay on the day you can pay in cash or Credit Card.

Payment can also be via Paypal with a 10% surcharge.

Note > The price is the same if you decide to ‘bring-a-friend’.


  • USD $ 2,500 per day (minimum 2 days) + 1 Day travel at same rate = $7,500 Minimum Charge for 2 full days training. 

Note > Flights, Transfers and Hotel charges to be paid by client. 50% of the total cost of the training must be paid two weeks before the training.

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Mark has considerable experience in photographic education and is a former Program Director of BA Photography at RMIT University, published International Author, Sony Imaging Ambassador and former Adobe Ambassador for Australia for 14 years. Mark has enabled thousands of students, amateur and professional photographers realise their goals and photographic ambitions over the last 25 years.


“I can’t recommend Mark Galer’s training highly enough. His thorough knowledge – and I do mean thorough – of Sony Alpha cameras, and his accessible teaching style, will ensure you get the most from your Sony gear. Well worth the money. Seriously.” (3-day training)

Jeff from Montana

“I completed a full day one-on-one session on Lightroom with Mark Galer in January  2017 . My grasp of Lightroom was patchy and disorganised prior to the session. It is clear Mark is an experienced Educator. He was friendly, made me feel very much at ease and provided an excellent environment to learn. He had planned the session specifically around my goals. The day was very productive. I came away feeling very comfortable with Lightroom and was able to make major positive changes to my Lightroom practice. I highly recommend Mark for anyone wanting a time-effective way to learn about Lightroom, whether as a learner or someone with some experience”

David from Victoria

“I spent an amazing one-on-one tuition session with lecturer, author, photographer and Sony ambassador Mark Galer.
His help demystifying and explaining In layman terms some of the functions of my new Sony a99ii and Lightroom produced many ‘aha’ moments. ! I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Sue from Victoria

“I just completed an all day One-on-One training session with Mark that was tailored to my requirements. Topics covered action/sports photography, time lapse, video and off camera flash with a few Lightroom tips and tricks thrown in for good measure. Mark is a great educator who made the day fun, informative and relevant.”

Erich from New South Wales

I have thoroughly enjoyed our one to one sessions so far. Especially since I bought my new Sony A7R3.

I find the workshops very informative and easy to follow. I especially enjoyed our outdoor shoot with the landscape and action workshop. I understand my camera more so than I ever did, so much as I have told a friend who bought her new Sony a month ago. I’m sure I will be seeing you again.

Candice from Victoria