Why does your lens need a skirt?

Yes you read that right. I own a skirt for my lens. The image of Melbourne’s Central Business District was captured from a hotel window of the Langham Hotel on the South Bank of the Yarra River during fading light. As the light fades the lights that are on inside the hotel will appear reflected in the view. Switching off all of the room lights can help (if indeed that is an option). Even the curtains were not helping in this situation as they were lined with a white backing which also caused reflections. The solution is to make a black curtain or ‘skirt’ that extends from the front of your lens and secures to the window to eliminate the reflections. You could make your own or you could hop on over to the Sony Alpha Pinterest Boards link (in the Social section of this website) and check out the the Lenskirt product that was made specifically for this task.