Sony RX100 V


Do you have a ‘Need for Speed’ in a small form factor. If you do then Sony has just announced an update to its award winning compact, the Sony RX100 V

It now boasts 24 frames per second (for up to 148 JPEG images) and super fast phase-detect Autofocus (PDAF) using 315 phase detect points – major improvements to AF performance over the Mark IV.

How does the Mark V mange to capture fast action with such ease? 315 densely arrayed phase-detection AF points offer the world’s widest coverage (65% of new image sensor’s image area) for consistent AF and tracking, even of small, fast-moving subjects. The Fast Hybrid AF system, combining high-speed phase-detection AF with extremely accurate contrast-detection AF, allows the camera to lock onto and capture moving subjects in merely 0.05 seconds.

The RX100 uses Sony’s amazing 1-inch imaging sensor that set new standards for compact cameras (in fact its probably going to keep the compact market alive). Most compacts these days struggle to produce image quality that is noticeably different to a good smart phone, but Sony’s 1 inch sensor produces image quality that is diffulut to distinguish from most DSLR cameras.

The 180° tilting screen and small form factor makes this camera a firm favourite with my daughter. The addition of a pop-up EVF viewfinder on version III made this my compact of choice that I have used ever since.

For more information go to: RX100V