A7RII, A7II and A7SII Firmware Upgrades

It is important to keep you camera’s firmware up to date if you want to use the latest features and optimise the cameras functionality and imaging performance. This could include faster startup times, improved stability, support for new products such as Sony’s Radio Controlled Lighting System, access to saving uncompressed Raw files, ability to record movies in the XAVC-S format when using SDHC memory cards etc. etc. Remember to set the camera’s USB connection to Mass Storage in Setup menu (looks like a tool case icon), remove the memory card, use the USB cable that shipped with your camera and do not disconnect the camera during the process of updating the firmware.

Failsafe Tips for Upgrading your Camera’s Firmware

Some photographers are understandably nervous about updating their firmware. Here are some recommendations to achieve a successful upgrade:

  • Temporarily disable the Sleep or Standby mode of your computer.
  • Temporarily Disable any security software you may be running.
  • Close all other applications that may be running on your computer.
  • Use the USB cable that came with the camera or a compatible one (not all USB cables have the same necessary connections)
  • Use the USB port of the computer and not a USB hub
  • Remove the SD card from the camera before connecting the camera to the computer
  • Switch the USB Connection on the camera to Mass Storage
  • During the upgrade process go and grab a coffee or cup of tea – the process could take 15 minutes.


Download LINK > ILCE-7RM2  –  Release Date 8/18/2016  –  Version 3.3  –  File Size 254.31 MB

This utility updates the ILCE-7RM2 system software to version 3.30, and provides the following benefits:

  • Adds support for Radio Controlled Lighting System
  • Improves stability for temperature control (temperature rise warning) while taking still images
  • Improves overall stability and operability of the camera



Download LINK > ILCE-A7M2 –  Release Date 9/23/2016  –  Version 3.2  –  File Size 233.23 MB

This utility updates the ILCE-7M2 camera firmware to version 3.20 and provides the following benefits:

Improvements over version 3.10:

  • Adds support for the Radio-controlled Lighting System

Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version 3.20:

    • New lenses are supported.
      Note: Please refer to the latest compatibility information on the Web.
    • Phase-detection AF is supported
    • The lens name will be correctly recorded in the EXIF
    • The AF can be used in movie recording mode with the SEL85F14GM
    • Adds the 14-bit uncompressed RAW format option

Note: PlayMemories Camera Apps™ currently does not support shooting or recording using uncompressed RAW format

  • Adds Phase-detection AF support for A-mount Lens Adaptor LA-EA3 (LA-EA1)
  • Adds a MOVIE button custom key settings that can be assigned for the movie recording function
  • Improves camera function and provides picture improvement for the new lenses (SEL35F14Z, SEL24240, SEL28F20, SEL90M28G)
  • Provides enhanced image stabilization system in half-pressing the shutter, in Focus Magnifier, in movie recording, and other functions



Download LINK > ILCE-7SM2    Release Date 9/23/2016  –  Version 2.20  –  File Size 254.12 MB

This utility updates the ILCE-7SM2 camera firmware to version 2.20 and provides the following benefits:

Improvement over version 2.10:

  • Adds support for the Radio-controlled Lighting System

Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version 2.20:

  • Allows the camera to record XAVCS format video with an SDHC card in addition to SDXC card.
    • When an SDHC memory card is used to record movies in XAVC S format over extended periods of time, the recorded movies will be divided into files of 4 GB, and the divided files can then be integrated into a single file using the PlayMemories Home software
    • Shooting movies in XAVC S format requires SD Speed Class 10, UHS Speed Class U1, or faster
    • When recording at 100 Mbps or more, UHS Speed Class U3 is required
  • Improves 4K movie recording time when using the vertical grip (VG-C2EM) or when the APS-C/Super35mm mode is activated
  • Improves picture quality
  • Addresses a condition where a black spot may occur in a high intensity lighting part of a shooting scene.
    Note:This condition is especially seen in PAL 25p. It rarely happens in NTSC 30p or 60p.

NOTE > For useful advice about updating your camera’s firmware go to sony-alpha-firmware-updates