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A7C eBook

This is a 525-page eBook in PDF format for the Sony A7C camera with links to 48 video tutorials to help you master the craft of taking creative and technically excellent photographs.

This 250-page eBook is a post processing masterclass that looks at the powerful tools we can use to develop our images.

Lightroom CC (mobile) Editing Guide - Free Download - 277 Pages  


This 55-page illustrated eBook shows you how to organise and manage your photos using Lightroom Classic.


50-page eBook that provides a 'step-by-step' workflow of how to make a book using Lightroom's Book Module

This eBook offers you learning supporting and contains links to more than 36 video tutorial to help you master the craft of taking creative photographs.

Many people refer to this subject as Colour Science but the actual term is Colour Management.


A FREE 20-page illustrated eBook with links to tutorial movies


Two instructional PDFs with links to supporting tutorial movies and free Lightroom Presets