Nikon F Lens to E-Mount Camera Mount Adapter

The Commlite lens mount adapter is the first lens adapter that allows you to retain Autofocus (AF) capability when connecting Nikon Lenses to Sony E-Mount cameras, including the A6000 and A7 series cameras.

The adapter allows for Contrast Detect AF (slow but accurate) on most E-Mount cameras but supports quick Phase Detection (PDAF) for the A7II and A7RII cameras. Note: A7II owners will need to upgrade to Firmware version 2.0 to access PDAF.

It is designed with a built-in Clickless Aperture dial that comes with 16 exact stops and detachable 1/4 Tripod foot.

My recommendation is that unless you own the A7II or A7RII cameras and can access the PDAF, I would save yourself a few hundred dollars and stick to a Commlite Manual AF adapter or put the money towards a high quality Manual-AF Novoflex adapter as the Focus Peaking and Magnify View features make for accurate manual focusing on Sony Alpha Cameras.

For more information on the Commlite adapter be sure to check out the product page on the Commlite website or pre-order on eBay