A6000 – Incredible Value Discounted Deals


The Sony A6000 is currently the best value camera is Sony’s Alpha lineup. And the discounted price has hit an all-time low.

With a class-leading 24 Megapixel APS-C sensor, 11 frames per second and lightening fast Autofocus – all in a lightweight mirrorless body the Sony A6000 currently offers incredible value for money.

The lenses designed for the APS-C sensor are currently lighter than the full-frame counterparts designed for the A7 cameras – so for photographers who are wanting to travel as light as possible, without sacrificing too much image quality, the A6000 currently offers the best solution.

Image quality, when compared to an A7 camera, is only likely to be noticeable by most photographers in extreme lighting conditions such as extreme contrast or very low ambient light. Handling is excellent and the only downside compared to an A7 camera would be one less dial and custom button (that allow quick adjustment of custom settings).


Gallery of images captured with the A6000 camera: https://www.flickr.com/photos/markgaler/albums/72157640858708825

My recommendations for lenses would be the SEL1018F4, SEL50F1.8, SEL1670F4 ZA and the SEL55210. I would switch out the SEL55210 for the faster FE70200F4 if you are interested in sports or action photography.

To find the best prices on the A6000 go to:

Sony a6000
Sony a6000
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