Lightroom vs Capture One Pro

The main difference between the two Programs is how the images begin their editing journey and NOT how they end up. Many photographers have to come to believe that Capture One is superior program (because it is promoted as such), but the reality is that Lightroom can pretty much match anything that Capture One can achieve in terms of colour and tone.

In this movie tutorial Mark Galer demonstrates how you do NOT have to accept the flat Adobe Standard default setting in Lightroom. You can create a new default with more ‘Pop” in just a minute. You can, in fact, match the Capture One starting point by creating a New Default and have all images adopt this new starting point as they are imported into your Catalog, i.e. you do not have to spend any additional time making your images pop.

If you want to review somebody else’s opinion in this matter you can download a 10-page in-depth comparison test between these two programs from this linkThe test was published in September 2016 and was written by Martin Evening. In his conclusion he states:

“Capture One’s philosophy is to produce a more optimised look that doesn’t necessarily require further editing. This may have led to the perception that Capture One is sharper and punchier, but in reality neither program is inherently better than the other when it comes to actually working on your images and adjusting the settings to suit individual tastes.”

Martin Evening

One of the topics I can cover during my one-on-one training sessions and workshops is how to optimise and automate Lightroom in order to create fast and efficient editing workflows.