High-Key Photoshop Action

This Photoshop action set (containing two variations) provides the user with a quick and easy solution for applying a high impact High-Key effect to your images.

Using some advanced blending techniques in conjunction with an adjustment layer the midtones are rendered very bright while preserving rich shadow tones and fine detail in the brightest highlights. Saturation of all colors except red is lowered allowing the warmer colors to become the key color within the final composition.

This action set also includes a ‘High-Key Smooth’ option which if applied renders all tones smother while retaining the important detail within the subject. All layers are retained after the action is finished to allow the user to fine-tune the process if desired. The actions record a snapshot in the History panel as the first step, and this allows the user to ‘undo’ the action with a single click if required.

This Action is available from: https://www.markgaler.com/product/high-key

All my Photoshop Actions are available as a Free Download: https://www.markgaler.com/product-category/photoshop-actions