The Open Door

Image of Ian Garadji captured in Darwin, Australia with the A99 and SEL2470F28 ZA at 60 mm, 1/60 Second at f/5.0, ISO 500

Most professional photographers usually have a few favourite techniques up their sleeve for capturing portraits of people on location.

Using the ‘Open Door’ as a background is one of my favourites. You have something for your subject to lean against (the door frame), there is a plausible excuse why the hand can be close to the face (and therefore in the shot), the background is usually darker and out of focus and the lighting hitting the face will be directional (if there is a roof or covering above the door).

If the face is at an angle, stop down to f/5.6 (f/4 on a cropped sensor) if you want both eyes to be sharp (if not, it is usual to pick the eye nearest the camera – the leading eye).

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