Sony Alpha Custom Settings and Support

I have created a spreadsheet of all my camera settings that I have registered to the camera’s Memory 1, Memory 2 and Memory 3 on the Shoot Mode dial (click on the link below as the image above does not have live links). It also includes additional camera settings that I use to capture high quality Movies, Street and Landscape settings that I implement when using a tripod. I can recall these additional groups of settings from the M1, M2 and M3 settings that I have saved to a memory card in Slot 2. This spreadsheet also includes the settings I have assigned to my Custom Buttons, Fn Menu and the Register Custom Shoot Settings that I use in association with the AEL button to recall one of these settings. These ‘Recall Custom Hold’ settings are used to temporarily override the main Memory settings I am using to shoot a particular subject. The spreadsheet also includes links to various tutorial movies that show how these settings can be implemented and some other menu items that may require some further explanation for some Alpha users. There are also links to a series of extended Masterclass movies and some lens reviews. This spreadsheet will update over time. I have also created a downloadable PDF if you want to review this information offline. I hope you find this information useful. Merry Xmas 🙂

Live Spreadsheet: SONY ALPHA Google Spreadsheet

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Downloadable PDF: Sony Alpha Camera Settings-010419

Note 2 > See how you can use the M settings to store and load additional groups of camera settings: