Quick and Easy technique to find Hyperfocal Distance

This is a quick and easy technique for Sony Alpha users to find the optimum Hyperfocal Distance when shooting landscape images. This technique will ensure maximum depth of field for sharp focus from the foreground to infinity.

This technique will work for DSLR owners as well, but only if they use ‘live view’ and then depress the depth of field preview button (if available). For Mirrorless users it is very much a case of WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get so there there no depth of field button required. The added advantage for Mirrorless users is that they can also preview the optimum focus distance through the EVF (electronic viewfinder) as well as on the LCD screen.

Note: After establishing the Hyperlocal Distance an ND filter was then used to extend the shutter speed to 30 Seconds.

Images captured at the historic Princes Pier in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.