If you are getting tired of pin-sharp, noise-free, squeaky-clean images from your 36 Megapixel Mirrorless ILC, try my toy-Camera Photoshop Action to give your images the toy camera aesthetic.

The action set allows you to choose from two different saturation settings and can be played on single or multi-layered files. A layer mask is automatically added to a Blur & Glow layer set that allows you to paint with black to restore sharp detail in the main focal point of the image and you can fine-tune the film grain effect by adjusting the opacity of the Noise layer.
The action also records a snapshot in the History panel as the first step, and this allows you to ‘undo’ the action with a single click if required.

The action can be purchased for a  special low price (for limited time only – until the end of August) for just $5.00 (75% off the normal price).

Go to: faux-holga-create-toy-camera-lomo-effect