Australian 2017 Sony Alpha Awards Now Open

I am on the wrong side of a parallel universe by Kohei Ueno

All Australian photographers – amateur, professional and youth – encouraged to showcase their talents

Eight categories: Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports, Editorial, Nature, Abstract and Youth

Overall winner will receive $3,000 of Sony product and a photography ‘trip of a lifetime’ worth AUD$14,000

All entries close on Sunday, 7th May 2017

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With eight award categories (including Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports, Editorial, Nature, Abstract, Youth) and up to $2,000 of Sony camera product per category available to win, Sony encourages both amateur and professional photographers to enter the awards. An overall grand prize winner will also be selected for a ‘once in a lifetime’ photography trip abroad, paid for by Sony. Sony is excited to announce a brand new category to this year’s competition – ‘Youth’ – which aims to give young, budding photographers (aged 16 years and under) a chance to win $15,000 worth of Sony product for their school and $2,000 of product for themselves. Vivek Handoo, Head of Digital Imaging, Sony Australia and New Zealand says: “We are extremely passionate about the Alpha Awards as there are so many amazing photographers across Australia and New Zealand using our Sony Alpha gear. We feel that this is the perfect place to showcase all of their fantastic artwork. This year, we also wanted to specifically target the younger audience who have a drive for photography, and give them a platform, as well a chance to get their hands on an amazing prize.”

Applicants may enter up to five photos in total, however only one photo can be entered per category via the Alpha Awards website. All images must be taken with Sony Alpha gear (body and lens). Twenty-four lucky finalists (3 from each category) will be chosen by Sony Alpha Ambassadors and professional photographers, Mark Galer and Craig Parry.

Category winners will be invited to attend the Sony Alpha Awards ceremony on 1st June 2017 in Sydney where the winners will be announced.

Submissions will close on Sunday, 7th May 2017.

2017 Sony Alpha Awards – Prize and Category Summary


  • Grand Prize: $3,000 of Sony gear and an overseas trip for the winner to Tonga in August 2018 which includes a photography workshop with Craig Parry, an international, multi-award winning nature photographer.
  • Category Prize Winners: $2,000 of Sony gear per category
  • Youth Award: $2,000 of Sony gear and $15,000 of Sony gear given to the winner’s school


Portrait: A photo of a person which reveals more than just the surface of the subject.

Landscape: A photo of a place or thing. There is no separate category for architecture – photographs of the built environment should be entered in this category.

Macro: A photo captured at high magnification (magnification of less than 25:1 is unlikely to be considered).

Sports: A photo of a sport being played, or related to the culture of a sport.

Editorial: A photo captured as part of a larger body of work (image series, illustration for an article, advertisement, etc). Judging in this category will consider the context of the image capture, especially in the shortlist stage. Entrants submitting work from an image series may be required to supply the full series for consideration.

Nature: A photo of the living world. Animals, plants, fungi –  anything from prokaryotes on up. Images that do not prominently feature living things may be penalised; such images may be submitted as landscape.

Abstract: A photo in which there is no subject, or the subject is not immediately apparent.

Youth: A photo taken by someone currently enrolled in primary or secondary education and was born on or after 7th May 2000. Entrants in this category may submit photos conforming to any of the categories above.

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