A7RIII & A7III Firmware Update Version 3.00

Sony has released its version 3.00 firmware update for its A7RIII and A7III cameras. Benefits and Improvements from the latest update include:

  • Real-time Eye AF for animals
  • Enables the possibility to operate the real-time EYE AF by half-pressing the shutter button, or by pressing the AF-ON button in AF-S and AF-C (there is no longer any need to hold down a custom key)
  • Addition of the interval shooting function
  • Allows the operation with the wireless remote commander RMT-P1BT
  • Other improvements:
    • [MENU] can be assigned to a custom key
    • [MENU] tab operation with the Fn button
  • Improves the overall stability of the camera

Evolved Eye-AF  brings the A7 camera in line with the A6400 and A9 (after its recent version 5.00 update) and Animal Eye-AF put the A7 cameras ahead of both the A6400 and A9 cameras for the time being.

How and When should I disable Eye-AF

It is important to note that the A7 cameras have not acquired the AF Real-Time ‘Tracking’ that both the A6400 and A9 cameras enjoy (made possible with the very fast Bionx X processor these cameras have that can process the AF data in real-time). With this in mind there will be times when switching off Face Priority (which in turn will switch off Eye-AF) will be required to prevent the Lock-on AF jumping from your primary target to a nearby face because the eye of your subject was momentarily obscured. The AF Tracking of the A6400 and A9 will more than likely stay with your subject but on the A7 cameras it is more likely to jump to a nearby face (especially if it is near the centre of your AF Area).

With Eye-AF On in AF-C, the AF has jumped from the primary target to a ‘better’ target in the centre of the frame (see above). To avoid this from happening (because of multiple faces or the face of the primary target being obscured momentarily), set the AF Tracking Sensitivity to 1 (Locked On) and consider disabling Face Priority when using the A7III and A7RIII cameras.

 A7RIII Firmware Update version 3.00

A7III Firmware Update version 3.00