I have purchased an action but have not received it yet
You will normally receive a quick notification via email containing your download instructions. Check the email account that you have registered with PayPal and then check your junk email to make sure our response was not binned by your over-zealous computer! In exceptional circumstances the Paypal transaction may have been delayed. This can cause a problem with our automated response service. We will be aware of your transaction but will have to process the transaction manually – this may take up to 48 hours. Please be patient as we may be sleeping or having a ‘family day’ away from our computers. If it’s been longer than 48hours and you have not heard from us, shoot us an email: sales{at}markgaler{dot}com
My download keeps failing half way through.
This is usually a Firewall or Wireless Connection problem. Try temporarily disabling your Firewall and ensure you have an always on connection such as DSL or Cable. You should also download the FREE download manager (for Windows) or check this list of download managers for Macs from Downloads.com. If a download fails this software will allow you to pick up where you left off rather than having to start again.
I downloaded my pack but it wont unzip or appears corrupted
Occasionally a firewall can corrupt a download. Temporarily disable your firewall and try again. Also ensure that you are downloading from a high speed always on connection such as Cable or DSL. We do not recommend Wireless. (Dont forget to re-enable your firewall after successful download).
I am trying to download from work but the download keeps failing
If you work at a company that is big enough to have an IT department then your company likely has a very strong firewall. If you are authorised to download at work you should contact your IT department for help.
What is a Zip File?
Our download packs are quite big, so to enable faster downloads we have compressed them into zip files. Most computers should already have unzip software built in. If not you can use Winrar (for Windows computers) or Stuffit Expander (for Macs). These are free programs. Once you have the download on your computer, you should be able to right click on the zip file and extract to a folder on your computer.
How do I install the actions I have purchased?
There is 'ReadMe' file in the Zip file you downloaded. Unzip your file and follow the instructions. 'Winzip' is available as a free download if you do not have software that will extract the contents from a zipped file. Download Winzip Windows 7 users can watch this movie: http://youtu.be/XbBgoKLY_g0 There is additional help available online. Check out the software specific headings below.
I have lost or damaged the DVD from the book. How can I get a replacement?
Contact Elsevier (the publisher) in your home country and ask them if they can supply you with a replacement DVD
I have a problem with the Audio when playing the movies on the DVD. What is the problem?
Use the recommended Media Player (QuickTime) or download additional codecs for Windows Media Player. Download QuickTime
How do I install actions in Photoshop CS4 and CS5?
There's an excellent guide on how to Install and Run Actions in Photoshop CS4 and 5 by TexasChicksBlogsAndPics
If I still have problems, what should I do next?
A great trouble-shooting guide is available thanks to the folks at TexasChicksBlogsAndPics.