Sony ZV-E10 Camera

The ZV-E10 is a camera designed for Vloggers and those wanting an entry-level APS-C Interchangeable lens camera. The ZV-E10 can be considered as the love child between Sony’s best-selling classic, the Alpha A6000 mirrorless camera and the new techno cool-kid on the block, the Sony Z-1 vlogging camera. It takes the best features from each and provides a camera that is more flexible than the Z-1 and easier to use than the A6000.

Large Sensor: The large sensor of the ZV-E10 fulfils the promise of Background Defocus that was difficult to achieve with the Z-1 because of its smaller sensor. Simply attach a wide aperture prime lens to the interchangeable lens ZV-E10, swing out the vari-angle monitor, hit the defocus button and distracting backgrounds behind you are easily blurred. This will require a wide-aperture prime with an aperture of either F1.8 or F1.4

Connectivity: You don’t even have to sit still while you are live, as the Active SteadyShot and an additional BlueTooth grip will support mobile recording. Connectivity is a major strength for the ZV-E10, simply connect the camera via a USB-C cable to your mobile device or laptop and the camera, together with its microphone can be picked up directly from the video menu of your favourite apps such as Zoom or Skype (no additional apps to install). The onboard microphone is a step up from most other cameras but for ‘Pro quality’ audio I recommend using Sony’s Bluetooth lapel microphone system (ECM-W2BT + ECM-LV1) to give you that studio quality while out on location.

Travel Camera: Finished with vlogging or live chats the camera can be quickly repurposed by switching out the wide aperture prime for a lens such as the E 18-135 OSS, which offers a 7x zoom to fulfil all of your travel photography needs. Its state-of-the art ‘touch and track’ autofocus sticks like glue to any subject you want to follow. Gone are the days where you ask your subjects to ‘hold a pose’. The omission of an electronic viewfinder may put some users off – maybe some who are looking to replace their existing A6K camera.

Pricing and Conclusion: Sony have priced this camera for the consumer and not the pro, so sales success is pretty much guaranteed.