Super Slow Motion – High Frame Rate (HFR) Movies

The 960 frames per second or super-high frame rate of the Sony RX10 II and RX100 IV has made a dramatic debut in the world of movie capture in 2015.

For a very long time I was hoping we would see 240 frames per second at 1080p (Full HD). We had 120 frames per second at 720p with the RX100 III and the A7S but I was really hoping for 1080p at some time. Sony surpassd my dreams with the launch of the 2015 RX models. Even at 240 frames per second we have 10x slow motion. Here is what 240 fps looks like at 1080p (this is a project I did with a Sony E-mount FS700 with Matt Harding). Good footage, but the camera is not would you would call compact – especially when we mounted a Canon 300mm f2.8 lens, 1.5x Converter and Metabones adapter!!