Sony Imaging Pro Support

If you are an Australian professional photographer you will know the importance of never being without your camera for more than just a few days. The Sony Imaging Pro support offers a service that ensures you have a three turnaround of equipment with all shipping costs free of charge. Pro Support offers a repair time of 3 business days. services are carried out ‘in house’ and lona equipment will be supplied if the repair time is longer than three days. If you own two Sony Alpha cameras (one must be a full-frame camera) and three pro lenses (Zeiss, GM or G) then you probably qualify for the Pro Support. The service also offers two complimentary sensor cleans per year.

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Membership is available for those Sony photographers who meet all of the following criteria:

  1. An individual residing in Australia, who is a minimum 18 years of age;
  2. A professional, self-employed individual, or an employee of a professional imaging business, who plays a direct and active role in the creation of moving or still images for third parties with a large proportion of income derived from this creation;
  3. Owns a minimum of two (2) Sony “Alpha” interchangeable lens cameras with at least one camera having a full frame sensor, purchased from an authorised Sony reseller;
  4. Owns a minimum of three (3) Sony lenses (must have Zeiss, G Master or G Series badge), purchased from an authorised Sony reseller; and
  5. Is approved by Sony as a Member.