Add creative lens flare to your images in a controlled way using Photoshop. Use the ‘Resource Pack’ that comes with the Action to create a variety of lens flare effects that look a whole lot more realistic than the Lens Flare filter that ships with Photoshop. Blend in one or more ‘real’ lens flare effects (captured with real lights and camera lenses) and then carefully position and mask the effects for maximum effect. The action set includes 4 options to add single or double flare effects and each has an aged photo option to add even more character to your image. Each effect takes just seconds to apply.

This purchase includes a collection of 4 actions and 40 resource files for adding creative lens flare to your images.

This action is available at 80% of the normal price for a limited time (end of August 2015) by going to Photoshop Lens Flare Action