New Firmware Upgrades for Sony RX100V and A6500

Firmware Upgrade version 1.01 provides the following benefits for the RX100V and A6500 cameras:

  • Improves a condition where the camera will not power-on after making certain setting changes
  • Improves overall stability of the camera

RX100 1.01 Firmware Upgrade

A6500 1.01 Firmware Ugrade

Before upgrading the firmware you should:

  1. Remove the memory card from the camera
  2. Ensure the camera has a fully charged battery pack or connected to the AC adapter/charger.
  3. Set the USB Connection in the cameras Menus to Mass Storage
  4. Connect the camera with the USB cable provided with the camera (not all Micro USB cables are suitable for the upgrade)
  5. Do not power off the camera or disconnect the USB cable during the update.