A 1,500 mile ride for the charity War Child (to help children impacted by armed conflict around the world)

The ride raised over £10,000.00 sterling for the War Child charity. We have left the charity page open if you feel inspired to donate to our War Child fundraising event:

If you would like to put yourself in the seat for one of the rides along the way, click on one of the following links (these rides do not include a single spoken word so sit back and relax and take in the view):

35-minute ride from Santa Monica Blvd to the Rock Store in the Santa Monica Mountains
22-minute ride along the Merced river leaving Yosemite valley bound for San Francisco
33-minute ride along the Pacific Coast Highway, California Highway 1
37-minute ride over the Tioga pass over the Sierra Nevada Mountains
29-Minute Ride through Death Valley

Sponsored by Wotancraft (premium camera bag manufacturer) and Sony Australia