Free Alpha 9 eBook (Firmware 6.00)

A9 Custom Camera Setup Version 6

This is a 300-page eBook in PDF format for the Alpha 9 camera that provides you with learning support to help you create custom setups for your camera. The book has recently been updated to cover the new features added via the Version 5.00 and 6.00 firmware updates. The eBook contains dozens of links to educational movies and articles that will help you master your camera and also the craft of taking creative and technically excellent photographs.

This 300-Page eBook is over 100 MB so may take a few minutes to download. Please refer people to this site to download a copy rather than share via USB media. This eBook is optimised for a large High Definition/4K screen in horizontal (landscape) orientation. If using Adobe Acrobat to view the book I recommend going to the View menu and choosing Full Screen Mode.

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Version 6.00: Download from Google

If you find this eBook of value please consider making a donation