Colour Management for Photographers

The reward for a little effort (a small capital outlay and a little button pushing) is perfect pixels – colour consistency from camera to screen to print. Once the initial work has been carried out predictable colour takes no effort, as all of the settings can be saved as presets.

The reward for NOT implementing a colour-managed workflow is confusion, anxiety, frustration and anger. The secret to successful colour management is to adopt a workflow that takes the frustration out of seeing the colours shift as your image moves from camera to monitor, and from monitor to print. The biggest problem a photographer can face with colour management is the ignorance of others who will handle your images, e.g. labs, printers, graphic designers etc. For peace of mind it is essential that a photographer knows enough to guide and advise clients or co-workers so that your images do not pay the price.

I have prepared a PDF that you can download that will guide you through this complex and often confusing subject.

To access the PDF just click on this link:

One of the topics I can cover during my one-on-one training sessions and workshops is how to create a professional colour-managed workflow.