Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

Wanting to know what to do with that Christmas book voucher? Check out my latest book. This is the perfect companion guide for Intermediate to Advanced users of Photoshop Elements (7 and 8 users). Using a unique combination of step-by-step projects, movie tutorials and sample images, Mark Galer guides you through the most powerful photo editing tools that Elements has to offer and shows you how to create professional quality results with this affordable software.

Whether you are optimising your photographs for printing, enhancing your images for premium quality or creating impressive, seamless montages, this book will enable you to get the maximum performance from your software.

A comprehensive DVD completes this astonishing package (my publisher’s words) with over 7 hours of movie tutorials, 100+ sample images, a stock photo gallery as well as automated actions to make Elements do the hard work for you (far more content than any other Elements book).

If you don’t own Elements send it to someone you love who does!!!

Catch you later


Photoshop Elements 8 Maximum Performance is published by Focal Press and available from