A9M2 Camera Settings (free download)

A9II Custom Setup
It is possible to set up your Sony Alpha 9ll from my Camera Settings file copied to your memory card. Set up your Sony Alpha 9ll from this free Camera Settings file. Just copy my settings to your memory card and Load onto your camera. There are two choices of camera settings available:
  • My A9M2-PAL-CAMSET will enable you to set up your camera with my PAL Memory settings (Portrait, Action and Landscape) to ensure you rarely miss a shot.
  • The A9M2-ACTION-CAMSET includes three action/sports shoot mode Memory settings that allow you to choose to freeze the action, create motion blur while panning with your subject or shoot action in Manual exposure mode for times where the background brightness is changing frequently.
Dropbox Download Link
IMPORTANT: Download the Zipped CAMSET folder and not the contents of the SONY folder
  1. Unzip the file and then replace the SONY folder in the ‘private‘ folder/directory of a Memory Card that has been formatted in the camera.
  2. Insert the Memory Card in Slot 1
  3. Set the camera to P, A, S or M on the Shoot Mode Dial on the top of the camera
  4. Press the Menu button on the camera and go to Setup7 (page 7 of the Toolbox icon).
  5. Go to Save/Load Settings and then choose Load
  6. Select A9M2MG01 or A9M2MG02 and select OK
  7. The Registered memories on the Shoot Mode dial have to be added separately.
  8. To add the Registered Shoot Mode Settings move the Shoot Mode dial to 1, 2, or 3
  9. Go to the Shoot Mode / Drive 1 menu (page 3 of the first menu tab) and select Recall
  10. Load M1 from the memory card and save to 1 on the camera, Load M2 from the memory card and save to 2 on the camera and finally Load M3 from the memory card and save to 3 on the camera. If you run into difficulties for this final step you may like to watch THIS MOVIE about how to transfer memories from a card to the camera.
  11. After Loading all of the settings I recommend that you reformat your memory card before capturing images to this card.
NOTE > If you are a back button AF photographer you will need to re-assign AF-ON to the AF-On Custom Key and Switch AF w/ shutter to Off



The Setting file is FREE but please consider making a small Donation http://paypal.me/alphacreativeskills You will get the most benefit from my camera setup file if you are familiar with my Portrait, Action and Landscape settings that are outlined in my free A7RIV eBook. You can download there free eBook from this link: A9-A9II eBook The Custom keys for stills are set up as follows:
  • C1: ISO Auto Min SS – watch my ISO Auto Min SS movie to see why I find this a valuable Custom Key setting when shooting action in Aperture Priority <https://youtu.be/gqqmqKFzHRg>
  • C2: Focus Area – the Default
  • C3 Shutter Type
  • C4: Focus Magnifier
  • AEL: Recall Custom Hold 1 – a DMF override with Focus Assist – for the rare occasion when Eye AF doesn’t kick in <https://youtu.be/Suc21klIPTM>
  • AF-On: Recall Custom Hold 2 – An override for my Sports/ Action settings for times when 20 fps and 1/2000 second is inappropriate for a subject that is no longer moving quickly <https://youtu.be/KrwoVApjBfs>
  • Focus Hold: Eye-AF – I outline why Eye AF is still important to have assigned to a custom key in my Face Eye Priority in AF video <https://youtu.be/XHRg2GYzTQI>
  • Down Button: White Balance
I strongly recommend watching my Memory Mastermind movie that outlines how I can use my PAL settings (1,2 & 3) for 95% or my still image capture to ensure I never miss a shot.


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