A9II – Version 2.0 Firmware Update

A9II-Firmware Update 2

Sony have a released a version 2.00 Firmware update for the A9II. Updated features include:

  • Hi Frequency flicker function.
  • Option to close the shutter when changing lenses

The Hi Frequency Flickr reduction can be used to capture stills using the electronic shutter and while recording movies. it is also more suited to reducing the Flickr of LED lights as well as Fluorescent lights. It is available in Shutter priority and Manual Exposure modes and the shutter speed can be fine-tuned in real time until Flickr is eliminated from the Monitor/Finder.

The ability to close the shutter is not the default option. You will have to go to the Setup2 menu and choose Anti-dust Function. You then need to switch the Shutter When Per OFF to On. Care must be taken not to touch the shutter when the lens is removed from the camera. Sony also provides a warning that if you choose to switch this option to On you will need to do the following:

  • When [Shutter When Pwr OFF] is set to [On], attach the lens cap before storing the camera. Otherwise, a strong light source (such as sunlight) may become focused inside the camera, causing smoke or fire. Even if the light source is slightly away from the angle of view, it may still cause smoke or fire when the lens cap is not attached.
  • Do not touch the closed shutter with your fingers or clean it with a blower. The shutter may become damaged.
  • If there is a risk of water droplets adhering to the shutter, set [Shutter When Pwr OFF] to [Off]. If [Shutter When Pwr OFF]is set to [On], water droplets may adhere to the shutter and cause a malfunction.

This warning appears in the updated online help guide for the A9II

There are also other minor improvements to FTP transfer, Eye AF and Remote Camera Tool

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