2020 – Sony Alpha Imaging Developments – Where to from here?

Sony Future Developments 2020

What does the future have in store for Sony Alpha photographers? 2020 marks an important point in Sony’s imaging technology development. Sony has been at the forefront of imaging innovation in the interchangeable lens camera market since 2010 (with this introduction of their SLT and Mirrorless cameras). The camera releases in 2020 will, however, send a strong signal to the industry as to whether they intend to continue to release revolutionary new products or slowly evolve /fine-tune exisiting technologies. In this speculative discussion Mark looks at possible new cameras Sony camera will release in 2020. The launch of the A7IV (A7M4) and their next APS-C camera will be the cameras that tell us if Sony intend to tread water for a while or continue to shake the imaging market with revolutionary new products.