Four Free Print Templates for Greetings Cards (A4 and US Letter)


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Four Free Print Templates (A4 and US Letter) for Adobe Lightroom. These Presets are designed to position your image ‘off-centre’ so that the paper can be folded to create a Greetings Card.

Note > You may like to consider the Aspect Ratio of the image so that when the Print is folded it will fit your envelope, e.g. Use a 5 x 7 Aspect Ratio if the printing paper is to be folded in half and a 16 x 7 if folding the pair in thirds.

  • Use a C5 Envelope if folding A4 Printing Paper in Half or a ‘DL’ format Envelope if folding into thirds.
  • Use a Commercial #8 5/8 (Check) envelope of folding US Letter in half.

How to ‘Download’ the ‘Product’

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  • Unzip the file after downloading.
  • Install the templates in the Lightroom Presets > Print Templates folder.
  • You need to ‘Restart Lightroom’ before the Presets will be available.

Note > Watch this movie to see how to get to the Presets folder. Just switch the Develop Presets shown in the movie for the Print Templates folder.

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