Free Lightroom Develop Presets – The Dirty Dozen (grading presets)


The tomb of King John in Worcester Cathedral, UK
The tomb of King John in Worcester Cathedral, UK – Dramatic Split Tone Preset

Lightroom Presets are ‘One-Click Wonders’ and enable a series of complex edits to be applied to an image with a single click of the mouse.

Here are my favourite Lightroom Presets for you to download and install – just Subscribe and click on Add To Cart at the top of the page and then proceed to Checkout.

The first SIX Dramatic presets are variations of a stylised grading treatment I use often when I don’t want the SOOC* look. IMPORTANT – Click on the Zero preset at the bottom of the folder BEFORE you click a different preset.

The Freeze Preset is good for creating a ‘High Key’ or ‘Bleach Bypass’ look, but you may need to adjust the Exposure slider to perfect the look.

The POP Preset is good to combat the rather ‘flat’ look of images first imported into Lightroom. If you like the extra life that this Preset applies to unedited images you may like to consider selecting it in the Import dialog.

The Semi presets render images that are toned, but retain some of their original colour – I find this a more interesting look than a straight blue or sepia-toned image.

The first six Dramatic presets are not designed to be subtle edits. If you apply them to images with a raised ISO you will notice that noise may be problematic. The Presets utilise a small amount of ‘noise reduction’ in the Detail panel to keep noise in check on low ISO images.

Mono Lake
Mono Lake – Freeze Preset
Photoshop Stock Image
Blenheim Palace – Dramatic Split Tone Preset
Semi-Sepia Preset

Installing Lightroom Presets

  1. Download PresetsDownload the Zip file from the My Account or Cart links in the menus at the top of the page (after you have subscribed).
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Copy the folder of Presets into the ‘Develop Presets’ folder in Lightroom (you can find this folder by opening Lightroom’s Preferences and then clicking on the ‘Show Lightroom Presets Folder’ button in the Presets Tab.
  4. Restart Lightroom after installing the Presets. You will then find the Presets in the Presets panel in the Develop Module.

Select one of your images (it is better to start on an image that was correctly exposed so that you can clearly see the effect as the preset will not adjust a badly exposed image)

NOTE > After clicking on the Preset you will probably need to fine-tune the effect by adjusting some of the sliders in the Basic panel.

NOTE 2 > Most of the presets make use of Graduated Filters (top and bottom), Post-Crop Vignetting (Effects panel) and Split Toning.

*Straight Out Of Camera