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Curves Grading Preset

Download my Free Preset: Mark-Galer-Grading.acv To use my Curves Preset you will need to first download and unzip the preset file. Create a Curves Adjustment Layer above the image that you want to grade and then from the Curves fly-out menu choose ‘Load Curves Preset’. Lower the opacity of the Curves adjustment layer to create a more subtle effect. […]


Photoshop Presets

HDR Toning Preset

This HDR Toning preset is designed for users of Photoshop who want a preset that offers a better starting point than the existing presets for creating the Faux HDR look. It minimizes halos and retains detail in the highlights when compared to the surrealistic presets supplied by Adobe. Click here to download the HDR Preset: Mark-Galer-HDR-Toning.hdt Go […]


The most useful way to target color or tonality in Adobe Camera Raw is with the HSL sliders. The Luminance slider cannot be found, however, in the main editing space of Photoshop. If the Lightness slider is used to control the brightness values of a targeted color, the colors will always be desaturated in the […]